Saturday, May 14, 2005


As long as action is the outcome of desire, of memory, of fear, of pleasure and pain, it must inevitably breed conflict, confusion and antagonism.

Our action is the outcome of our conditioning, at whatever level; and our response to challenge, being inadequate and incomplete, must produce conflict, which is the problem.

Conflict is the very structure of the self. It is entirely possible to live without conflict, the conflict of greed, of fear, of success; but this possibility will be merely theoretical and not actual until it is discovered through direct experiencing. To exist without greed is possible only when the ways of the self are understood.

How anxious we are to find an answer to our problems!
We are so eager to find an answer that we cannot study the problem; it prevents our silent observation of the problem.
The problem is the important thing, and not the answer. If we look for an answer, we will find it; but the problem will persist, for the answer is irrelevant to the problem.
Our search is for an escape from the problem, and the solution is a superficial remedy, so there is no understanding of the problem.
All problems arise from one source, and without understanding the source, any attempt to solve the problems will only lead to further confusion and misery.
One must first be very clear that one's intention to understand the problem is serious, that one sees the necessity of being free of all problems; for only then can the maker of problems be approached.

Without freedom from problems, there can be no tranquillity; and tranquillity is essential for happiness, which is not an end in itself. As the pool is still when the breezes stop, so the mind is still with the cessation of problems.
But the mind cannot be made still; if it is, it is dead, it is a stagnant pool. When this is clear, then the maker of problems can be observed. The observation must be silent and not according to any predetermined plan based on pleasure and pain.


Blogger hanna and jenny said...

That as intersting. I kinda don't get it. Very philosophical though good job. you should check out our web site It's pretty cool! See ya there

May 14, 2005 9:43 AM  
Blogger hanna and jenny said...

Okay it's jenny thank you for visiting our web site. Now that i have read it slower i like your message board. Actually hanna is the one that wrote the whole thing i mearly sat by a through out suggestions.

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